Moby Dick Or, The Whale - Herman Melville

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Author: Herman Melville
Language: English
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
Publication year: 2015
Print length: 664
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Moby Dick Or, The Whale - Herman Melville

Embark on a thrilling maritime adventure with "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville. Join Captain Ahab on his relentless quest for the elusive white whale in this epic tale that explores themes of obsession, fate, and the unfathomable power of nature. Experience a whaling adventure of epic proportions!

Key Features:

  • Iconic Narrative: Herman Melville's renowned novel of a vengeful captain and his relentless hunt for a legendary whale.
  • Captivating Storytelling: A masterful blend of adventure, drama, and philosophical reflections.
  • Unforgettable Characters: Meet the enigmatic Captain Ahab and the resilient Ishmael, among other memorable figures.
  • Thematic Depth: A profound exploration of fate, human nature, and the duality of existence.
  • Timeless Relevance: A literary masterpiece that continues to captivate readers with its vivid imagery and enduring significance.

Discover why "Moby Dick" remains a cornerstone of classic literature, offering a rich, immersive reading experience that resonates across generations.

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