Pygmalion - George Bernard Shaw

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Author: George Bernard Shaw
Language: English
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
Publication year: 2017
Print length: 148
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Pygmalion - George Bernard Shaw

Dive into the sharp and insightful world of George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, a play that masterfully explores themes of class, identity, and the transformative power of language. This thought-provoking work is a testament to Shaw's status as one of the greatest playwrights of his time, offering both a captivating story of transformation and a significant social commentary.

Key Features of This Edition:

  • Intriguing Transformation: Follow the journey of Eliza Doolittle as she evolves from a Covent Garden flower girl into a lady of refined manners, under the guidance of the eccentric Professor Higgins.
  • Sharp Wit and Satire: Engage with Shaw’s renowned wit and his satirical perspective on societal norms, which challenge the status quo and provoke thought.
  • Deep Social Themes: Reflect on potent themes such as social mobility, gender roles, and the essential role of communication in personal and societal status.
  • Dynamic Characters and Dialogue: Experience the vivid characters and sparkling dialogue that are hallmarks of Shaw’s writing, bringing the story to life with vibrancy and eloquence.
  • High-Quality Edition: This edition presents Shaw’s acclaimed play in a premium format, making it a valuable addition for theater enthusiasts and fans of sophisticated storytelling.

Pygmalion is more than just a story of personal change; it's a compelling critique of the social and class structures of the time. It remains as relevant today as it was at its inception, offering rich insights and entertainment to a new generation of readers and theatergoers.

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