The Lost World - Arthur Conan Doyle

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Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
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Publication year: 2021
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The Lost World - Arthur Conan Doyle

“So tomorrow we disappear into the unknown... it may be our last word to those who are interested in our fate.” Thus begins the daring expedition into uncharted territories where dinosaurs, pterodactyls, ape-men, and other prehistoric creatures still exist.

In The Lost World, the notorious and brilliant scientist Professor George Edward Challenger makes a groundbreaking discovery, but faces ridicule and disbelief. To silence the skeptics, he embarks on an extraordinary adventure to the depths of the Amazonian plateau in South America, risking life and limb to gather proof. Joining him on this perilous journey are his professional rival Professor Summerlee, the intrepid journalist Edward Malone, and the brave Lord John Roxton.

Highlights of This Classic Tale:

  • Venture into a world where prehistoric creatures roam freely, captured vividly by Conan Doyle's masterful storytelling.
  • Experience the tension and camaraderie between the diverse characters as they navigate the dense foliage and unknown dangers of the Amazon.
  • Explore themes of scientific discovery, bravery, and the clash between skepticism and belief.
  • Relish in the timeless appeal of one of the best sci-fi stories ever written, which has set the standard for all fantasy-adventure tales.

Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World became an instant success upon its publication and continues to be celebrated as a classic that has inspired countless adventures in the realm of science fiction and fantasy.

Key Features:

  • A captivating narrative filled with suspense and thrilling discoveries.
  • Iconic characters who embody the spirit of exploration and scientific curiosity.
  • A beautifully designed edition perfect for collectors and fans of classic literature.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with The Lost World, a cornerstone of sci-fi adventure that continues to captivate and inspire readers.

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