Othello - William Shakespeare

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Author: William Shakespeare
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Publication year: 2017
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Othello - William Shakespeare

Experience the profound tragedy of "Othello" by William Shakespeare, a play that masterfully portrays the destructive consequences of jealousy, love, and betrayal. This gripping narrative delves into the complexities of trust and deceit, showcasing some of Shakespeare’s most memorable characters, including the noble Othello and the scheming Iago. Here’s what sets this edition apart:

  • Shakespeare’s compelling exploration of love, jealousy, and downfall
  • Features unforgettable characters like the dignified Othello and the cunning Iago
  • Tackles significant themes such as racism, trust, and the impact of deceit
  • Renowned for its exquisite language and dramatic intensity, resonating through the ages
  • Essential reading for fans of Shakespearean tragedies and deep psychological dramas

A timeless work that examines the darkest aspects of human nature, "Othello" remains a cornerstone of classic literature and drama.

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